The name is also called thermal grease: thermal paste is a special silicone oil as base oil, new metal oxide as filler, with a variety of functional additives, white paste processed by a specific process. Thermal grease has excellent thermal conductivity, heat resistance, dielectric material is an ideal device for the heat resistance, and stable performance, corrosive gas can not be generated in use, does not affect the contact metal. High purity filler and silicone are guaranteed to be smooth, uniform, and high temperature insulation. When applied to the power device and the radiator assembly, to help eliminate the contact surface of the air gap flux increases, reduce the resistance, reduce the power device working temperature, improve the reliability and prolong the service life.

Sales from the market in the thermal grease color is divided into white, grey and black is three. The white thermal grease is now very small, grey thermal grease is the most common, and partial black thermal grease is extremely rare. White grease according to the different content of metal powder is divided into several levels, according to their different viscosity and thermal conductivity, the effect of Si containing metal powder is best, the price will be relatively high.

1, applicable to the electronic industry power amplifier tube and heat sink between the contact surface: such as TV, DVD, CPU and power amplifier tube, the role of thermal media

2, suitable for microwave communications, microwave transmission equipment and special power supply, power supply and other microwave devices and the whole sealing surface coating

3, suitable for electronic components of the heat transfer, such as transistors, ballast, thermal sensor, computer fan, power transistor (plastic pipe), the diode and the substrate (aluminum, copper) contact gap heat transfer medium, rectifier and electrical thermal insulation materials

4, applicable to the effective cooling of the effective cooling of many heat

5, suitable for high pressure dissipation, nonflammable coating for high voltage corona flyback transformer with TV and similar applications of the connection

6, applicable to all kinds of electronics, electrical equipment, heating and cooling facilities between the gap fill, improve the cooling effect

CPU in the motherboard and the radiator will appear in contact with the gap, so that the radiator is difficult to play its due role. Then we have to increase by CPU and in the area of contact radiator thermal grease. Here to remind you that we do not mistakenly believe that thermal grease is the main factor to help heat dissipation, thermal conductivity of metal sink is much strong than thermal grease. As we boil water, why not fire directly to heat water, but through hot water kettle. Our aim is to boil the water, not the kettle. The kettle is heat transfer medium, grease is to play such a role.

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