As a novel electronic interface material, thermal conductive silicon film has high thermal conductivity and flexibility. In the initial design, the thermal conductive silicon film should be added to the structure design and the design of the hardware and the circuit. Including the main considerations in the design process: the coefficient of thermal conductivity, consideration of architecture considerations, EMC considerations, damping and sound absorbing considerations, such as installation of the test.

The thermal conductivity of silicone film is a high thermal conductivity and high performance conductive filler material between heating products mainly used in electronic chip and heat sink or shell, mainly plays the role of heat conduction, with its own micro soft, viscous, compressible. In the use of electronic components and heat sink between the air is completely discharged, in order to achieve full contact, so that the effect of thermal conductivity is more obvious, the application of a wide range of thermal conductivity of silicon film, generally used for LED lamp.

The silicone film application: used to control the board of electrical and electronic products, motor internal and external pad and pad, electronic appliances, automotive machinery, computer, notebook computer, DVD, VCD and any need to fill materials and cooling module. Widely used in photoelectric industry (flat-panel display, outdoor display screen, LCD-TV, TFT-LCD, built-in power supply module, backlight module, LED lighting industry (computer), notebook computer, tablet computer, computer peripheral equipment, PC host, workstation, web server, PC server, network industry) (switches, hubs, routers, network cards, modems, transmission equipment, household appliances industry) (drinking machine, electromagnetic oven, air conditioning) communication industry (intelligent mobile phone, interphone) in other industries (semiconductor lighting equipment, test / control medical equipment, power supply module).

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