1, thermal adhesive / sealant

In the electronics industry, the thermal conductivity material is required to have a close adhesion and thermal stability. When the element and the circuit board are expanded or contracted by the rapid thermal cycle, the elastic silicone adhesive is helpful to absorb the thermal expansion, and avoid the stress of the component to be transferred to the component. The unique thermal stability of organic silicon allows them to remain resilient to extreme temperatures and repeated thermal shocks. After curing, the organic silicon thermal conductive adhesive shows low modulus, which can effectively eliminate the thermal stress and mechanical stress, so as to enhance the reliability and the service life of the electronic components.

Some special applications or processing technology also requires a unique nature of the binder. For example, the thermal sensitive element and the base material need to be cured at low temperature. In order to verify the application of the material to the next step before the next step of production. In these cases, often the silicone agglutinant and ultraviolet dye, designed to allow the sensor or camera control system to verify whether access to coverage; special intermediates can be used for silicone agglutinant synthesis with extremely low volatile, some adhesive volatile content as low as can be classified as level of aviation materials; thermal conductivity silicone adhesive design to help eliminate the components and circuit of heat, so that under the condition of high temperature inside the nacelle components with higher reliability and longer service life.

Organic silicon can utilize two distinct bonding mechanisms, namely mechanical bonding and chemical bonding. Organic silicon binder can also provide a wide range of processing, with a wide range of curing conditions. For example, many products can be cured at room temperature; some formula is easy to adjust the viscosity, thermal conductivity using the same binder allows the manufacturer in high speed, high production line and can bear high temperature sensitive components; with specific flow properties, regardless of whether the assembly needs high viscosity paste or retention can fill the gap and irregular channel the flow of self leveling binder.

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