Graphite sheet heat dissipation for high power LED lamp design

1, what is the "graphite" first, we come to understand the "graphite" this kind of thing. Graphite is an allotrope of elemental carbon, we studied chemistry lessons once. We can think of some of the characteristics of the graphite by carbon, including carbon very famous stability, so the carbon elements in a variety of industrial applications, the things that are common.

At present, we know that graphite has high temperature resistance, conductive thermal conductivity, lubrication, chemical stability, plasticity and thermal shock resistance. We can see a lot of good use for the use of graphite as part of cell phone design. For example, the current phone above the graphite heat sink, mainly the use of the thermal conductivity of graphite.

Graphite sheet properties:

1, graphite sheet metal, plastic, stickers and other materials can be combined, so as to meet the needs of more mobile phones and other products of the design.

2, excellent thermal conductivity: 150 ~ 1200W/m.k, graphite sheet than the thermal conductivity of the metal.

3, graphite, light weight, its proportion is only 1.3 ~ 1 soft, and easy to operate.

4. Low thermal resistance of graphite sheet. Its color is generally black. The thickness of the graphite sheet: 0.012-1.0mm glue: 0.03 mm ultrathin 0.012MM

5, the heat conduction coefficient of plane conduction 300-1200W/m.k vertical transmission W/m.k 20-30

6, temperature resistant graphite sheet reaches 400 DEG C

7, low heat resistance: graphite sheet resistance than aluminum low 40%, 20% lower than the copper

8, light weight: the weight of graphite is 25% lighter than aluminum, 75% lighter than copper.

9, high thermal conductivity: graphite heat sink to be able to smooth the surface attached to any plane and curved surface, and can be in accordance with customer demand for any form of cutting.

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