The company's products apply to:

1 electronic industrial power amplifier tube and heat sink between the contact surface: such as TV, DVD, CPU and power amplifier tube, the role of thermal media

2, suitable for microwave communications, microwave transmission equipment and special power supply, power supply and other microwave devices and the whole sealing surface coating

3, suitable for electronic components of the heat transfer, such as transistors, ballast, thermal sensor, computer fan, power transistor (plastic pipe), the diode and the substrate (aluminum, copper) contact gap heat transfer medium, rectifier and electrical thermal insulation materials

4, applicable to the effective cooling of the effective cooling of many heat

5, suitable for high pressure dissipation, nonflammable coating for high voltage corona flyback transformer with TV and similar applications of the connection

6, applicable to all kinds of electronics, electrical equipment, heating and cooling facilities between the gap fill, improve the cooling effect.

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