1. Grade: high temperature silicone rubber sheet , Silicone Rubber Sheet

2. Size: customized 

3. Standard: LMS TS

4. Certification: ISO9001, SGS, ROHS

Product Name
Silicone Rubber Sheet
300 - 600mm
Thin Transparent 
High Temperature

Feature of Cheap high temperature clear thin transparent silicone rubber sheet

1.Excellent resistance to heat (dry air), at +260º C continuous and +260º C intermittent.Remains flexible at low temperatures of -40ºC.
2.Resistant to ultra-violet light, ozone and weathering processing,pharma ceutical and cosmetic manufacturing area.
3.Good electrical insulation properties
4.Keep constant even at high temperatures.
5. High Temperature Thin Transparent.

Application of Cheap high temperature clear thin transparent silicone rubber sheet

Transparent silicone rubber sheet is designed to be used in applications where physical properties
 are not critical but extreme temperature resistance is still needed. 

Transparent silicone rubber sheet is commonly used in Gasket Making, Vacuum Casting, Sealing Industries, 
Insulating, Thermal Shielding, Heat Sealing, Vibration and Sound dampening.
1.Medical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.
2.Automotive, electronics and lighting sectors, amongst others.
3.Chemical , electrical, fitness and other industries with different temperature conditions 

Density High transparent Silicone Rubber Sheet in Roll

Silicone rubber sheet is a kind of roll shape sheet, can withstand high and low temperature.With waterproof, electrical insulation, can be widely applied in electric,production and daily life. Meet food Grade requirements

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