High quality silicone rubber electric heating cooling thermal conductive insulation pad

1. Grade: Silicone rubber  thermal conductive insulation pad
2. Size: TC150 -TC400
3. Standard: LMS TC
4. Certification: ISO9001, SGS, CTI, ROHS Feature of Silicone rubber thermal conductive insulation pad

High compressibility, soft and flexible
Natural stickiness, no extra surface frontal adhesives
Good thermal conductivity, 
Meet With RoHs standard
High thermal conductivity
High conformability to uneven surfaces at low stress application
Electrical isolating Very cost effective

Application of High quality silicone rubber thermal conductive insulation pad应用范围
1. Heat sink your CPU/GPU  
2. Switching power supply 
3. Video equipment
4. Mobile equipment 
5. Communication equipment
6.Between semiconductor/magnetic components and heat sinks.  ………….and so on

High thermal conductivity silicone pad

TC Series thermal conductive pad Silicone-based thermal pads are becoming an industry standard for thermal management solutions for their durability to withstand high temperatures

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