[product application]

Comprehensive alternative to imported products, suitable for a variety of display COG/FOG hot pressing bonding process, ACF conductive film hot pressing process.

Product application: all kinds of display COG\FOG hot pressing bonding process, or for IC tube, semiconductor electronics triode as insulating material, heat dissipation material, or applied to the thermistor and the temperature sensor, the advance in the hot pressing head bottom surface, the temperature conduction is uniform, isolated by hot pressing product and hot head at the same time, has a protective effect to prevent electrostatic.

[product features]

1, extremely high heat transfer, heat resistance and buffer.

2, not to FPC, glass and other damage.

3, the heat has super stable characteristics and the pressure on the product consistency.

4, high resilience and non stick.

5, antistatic, no powder on the surface.

[product specification]

1, (thick: 0.2mm--0.45mm) * (width: 8mm-600mm) * (length: 5-30m).

2, special specifications can be customized according to customer demand, and provide our customers customized various specifications of the iceberg.

3, the products are divided into common type SG (gray) and anti static SGB (black).

4, the product is commonly used inside diameter 32mm, 38mm, can be customized according to customer demand.

3 mm thickness High Temp adhesive back Silicone Rubber Sheet

3 mm thickness High Temp adhesive back Silicone Rubber Sheet is a kind of roll shape sheet, can withstand high and low emperature.With waterproof, can be widely applied in electric,production and daily life,Easy to wash. Meet food Grade

product details

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