Product Name
 Nano Carbon Coated Heat Sink Thermal Conductive Aluminum Foil for CPU LED
Working Temperature


1.Fire proof
2.Non-toxic / Non-carcinogenic
3.Reflects about 97% of radiant heat
4.Durable and lightweight
5.Reduce heating and cooling costs all year round
6.Easy to cut and install, without the protective clothing or respirators during installment.
7.Does not support the growth of fungus or mold.
8.Vapor and radon retarder
9.Not affected by moisture or humidity




1.Strapping and bunding
2.Carton closure no matter medium or heavy
3.Economical for general carton sealing
4.Gift Wrapping&Decoration
5.Medium&Heavy Carton Sealing.
7.Meets and exceeds all postal requirement



Nano Carbon Coated Heat Sink Thermal Conductive Aluminum Foi

1. Grade: SGS, REACH, ROHS 2. Size: customized 3. Standard: LMS-LB

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