Shenzhen Laimeisi Silicone Industry Co., Ltd

Our value massage is''Quality is our culuture''! Our company core competencies is silicone products ,graphite products ,and thermal products,With us your money in a safe yourbussiness in safe.We have the right thermal managementproducts,touch screen technology, phase change material, and heat seal products for your electronic application

About Us:

Founded 2006 in Shenzhen, Laimeisi started as a small company with a product range in thermal insulators materials. As supplier for the whole China area, Laimeisi began to develope more and more relevance in the industry for active- and passive-electronic solutions. With opening a China-based office five years later, we were able to devliver the whole european market.

Our most important milestones in an overview:


We are lauching our first products which is thermal pad, with 1.0~3.0w/mk thermal conductivity. Moreover, silicone coated fiberglass are being developed.


We have own equipment to produce silicone coated fiberglass, besides that, we launching new products suah as alumina ceramic.


We Study foreign technology and make our own adhesive tape and transparent silicone films and more with different application, for industry use, Hospital.


A new products line for silicone stickers come.


Development of thermal grease for LED light, Chip, CPU...


New design for high transparent silicone and foam silicone.


We are moving to new company! Laimeisi is now available under new address. and redesinged "Laimeisi".


We have our own brands, and high quality new products, such as baby spoon, silicone transparent silicone cup, baby teethers...

Our Address

  • Shenzhen Laimeisi Silicon Industry Co. Ltd.
    Floor 2,3 Building,Huarong Industry Park,Dalang street,Longhua New District,ShenZhen City,GuangDong Province