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LMS-TG600 6W Heatsink Thermal Grease Paste

LMS-TG600 6W Heatsink Thermal Grease Paste

1.Working temperature: -55 ~ +220℃ 2.Thermal conductivity: 1.0 ~ 6 w/mk (1 1.5 2 2.6 3.5 4 5.5 6.2w/mk) 3.Packaging: Needle tube: 1g 1.5g 5g 10g 20g 35g Canned: 500g 1kg.Model: TG120(1w/mk) TG150(1.5w/mk) TG220(2w/mk) TG260(2.6w/mk) TG350(3.5w/m
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1. Working temperature: -55 ~ +220℃
2. Save temperature: 10 ~ 28℃
3. Quality guarantee period: 12 months
4. Thermal conductivity: 1.0 ~ 6 w/mk (1 1.5 2 2.6 3.5 4 5.5 6.2w/mk)
5. Freight: more expensive6. Packaging: Needle tube: 1g 1.5g 5g 10g 20g 35g
Canned: 500g 1kg
8. Use: CPU, LED, PCB heat sink
9. Model: TG120(1w/mk) TG150(1.5w/mk) TG220(2w/mk) TG260(2.6w/mk)
TG350(3.5w/mk) TG460(4w/mk) TG550(5.5w//mk) TG620(6.2w/mk)

Features :
1. Thermal grease, the name is also called thermal paste. The utility model has the advantages of good thermal
conductivity, and is an ideal medium material of the heat resistance device, and the performance is stable. 2. Excellent thermal conductivity, electrical insulation and stability, good resistance to high temperature. 3.Resistance to water, no cure, no corrosion of contact metal materials (copper, aluminum, steel)
Low evaporation losses, not dry, not melting, good material adaptability and wide temperature range (-50 ~ +250 C), Non
toxic, tasteless, non corrosive, stable chemical and physical properties
1.Effective heat connections for many cooling devices requiring effective cooling
2.Suitable for high pressure dissipation, nonflammable coating for high voltage corona fly back transformer with TV and
similar applications of the connection
3.The utility model is suitable for the filling of the gap between the heating body and the radiating facility in various
electronic and electrical equipment, and improves the radiating effect